China Refrigerator Manufacturer reminds you that when the working environment temperature of the refrigerator is high in summer, that is, when the working temperature is high, it is very difficult for the temperature in the refrigerated display cabinet to drop by 1 degree, and the loss of cold energy through the thermal insulation layer of the cabinet and the door seal will also accelerate, which will result in long startup time and short shutdown time. This will cause the press to operate for a long time at high temperature, which will aggravate the wear of the piston and cylinder. The insulation function of the motor coil enameled wire will also decrease due to high temperature, and the power consumption will also increase sharply, which is neither economical nor reasonable. Therefore, when the temperature is high at noon, the temperature regulating gear of the refrigerated display cabinet can be adjusted to 2 to 3 gears for operation, thus saving electric energy, reducing compressor wear and virtually prolonging the service life of the refrigerator.

The fresh-keeping cabinet is also called vertical air cabinet. Its refrigeration principle is to blow out cold air from the back so that the cold air can evenly cover all corners of the fresh-keeping cabinet to achieve the fresh-keeping effect of products. The normal set temperature of the fresh-keeping cabinet is between 2 and 8 degrees. drinks, yoghurt, milk, vacuum-packed meat, cooked food, fruits and so on are mainly put in supermarkets, which are not suitable for naked food.

Fresh-keeping cabinets are divided into two types: internal machines and external machines. The advantages of internal machines are convenient to move and the disadvantages are: noise (noise level is similar to that of external machines of domestic air conditioners) is suitable for small supermarkets, convenience stores, fruit chain stores, etc. Advantages of external machine: low noise, long length, beautiful overall.

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