Instagram is one of the popular social network services that can definitely be considered to be playing a major role in our everyday lives. Through Instagram stories, we can express ourselves and share to the world our daily activities by uploading a photo or a video. There are plenty of moments when you really want to save a copy of any these Instagram stories because they become automatically unavailable after 24 hours. Next, if these are not saved or archived, they'll be gone permanently. Sadly, features of keeping stories on Instagram is not accessible. To avoid losing the post you created in your memorable Instagram story, few methods on how to download Instagram stories are shared here.

Download Instagram Stories you Created for the Day

The videos posted in a day can be downloaded as one Instagram stories video. This will mean that replaying them for future use might take a while as stories are saved together. You should view all of the clips in the video to search for what you wish. This is still much better than not having a copy. After all when it correctly saves you can play the video anytime. Below we will guide you on how to save your daily stories as a video.
The very first step in downloading the stories of a day is tapping your own story icon which is located on the top left part of your Instagram feed. 3 dots can be found on top of your screen. Many choices will be shown if that is clicked. Tap MORE option then pick the SAVE option so that you can finally download your story. Render time will be necessary before you view the video in your camera roll.
Download Instagram Stories in the form of individual clips

Utilizing this method, a specific clip of your Instagram story can be saved individually rather saving all of them automatically as one. Hence, this will enable you to download and watch in the future the clips that you want to and save you considerable time from watching the other clips that you are not interested in. In this procedure you must pick the SAVE VIDEO option rather than the SAVE STORY choice you did in the first above.
Download Stories from Other Instagram Users

Even if you download the Instagram stories of other accounts, the process is rather easy with the use of third-party websites. These websites have similar functionality and functions. It all rely on you which sites you are comfortable with. Eventually though, why you would wish to download Instagram stories from somebody else is largely not our business.

Steps to download stories via a third-party website

First, check what information the website requires about the person whose stories you want to copy. In many instances, either of these two, username or perhaps profile URL, are needed. Then copy-paste the web link or the username into the ideal box on the site requesting stated information. A listing of stories created by the user will be shown. Click on the SAVE option for the picked story you wish to copy. And finally, the video will be saved to your local device.


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