5 Best Countries to Travel with your Dog

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You don't plan to go on a trip without your four-legged friend? Traveling with your pet can become a real pleasure, even a

You don't plan to go on a trip without your four-legged friend? Traveling with your pet can become a real pleasure, even a revelation, provided you choose the right destination. Here is a list of the top five countries for traveling with your dog.

1. Germany
Take a flight to Berlin , Hamburg or Frankfurt and discover one of the most “ pet friendly ” destinations on the planet. An up-to-date European vaccination record as well as the wearing of an electronic chip are sufficient to bring your dog into German territory. Once there, everything is greatly facilitated thanks to the many hotels accepting dogs and " animal friendly " restaurants . Our four-legged friends are even accepted even on trains and national parks!

2. The United States
Several American cities are true dog havens. In San Francisco, for example, there are no less than five beaches authorized for dogs and about sixty parks where they are also welcome. You can also fly to Portland, Oregon, one of the best destinations in the world for traveling with your dog. The city has more than thirty parks exclusively reserved for dogs and their owners. It is one of the cities that spends the most on pet health, proof that your dog will be well received.

3. Finnish Lapland
Lapland is an exotic and welcoming dog friendly destination . While most restaurants will refuse your dogs indoors, it won't be difficult for you to find a hotel in Lapland that will accept your four-legged companion. The national parks of Finnish Lapland accept dogs on a leash and represent playgrounds that are both entertaining for your dog and exotic for you. It is THE perfect destination if you have one or more sled dogs!

4. Switzerland
You do not want to go too far for a first trip with your dog? Direction Switzerland and its great natural spaces. The easiest way is to rent a car in Geneva or Basel and then take the road to the parks and nature reserves. Most are allowed with dogs on a leash.

In Switzerland, generally few problems finding a hotel or a restaurant that will accept your furball!

5. Austria
Fancy taking a tour of Austrian national parks without having to leave your dog behind? The Austrians are very open when it comes to welcoming dogs, so your pooch will always be well received. He will be able to follow you on all your hikes provided, of course, that he is kept on a leash. Like Switzerland, most hotels and restaurants accept our four-legged friends