Kimchi Fried Rice is a Popular Korean Comfort Food

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Kimchi fried rice is a favorite of just about everyone who loves Korean food. It's delicious comfort food you can make at home with a few simple items you can buy (or order online) from your favorite Asian market

. Whenever you have leftover rice, it's always a candidate for fried rice, and it's the same for kimchi that you've had in your refrigerator – it ferments slightly and is ideal to use as a flavoring for fried rice. With some dishes cooking technique means everything, and this is one of them. Chef tricks such as squeezing out the kimchi, reserving the liquid, and re-adding it in exact quantities is one of them.

If you have the time, it's often helpful to review several recipes for a popular dish before selecting one and trying to make it. The cooking directions in each one have tips and hints you might use, even if you decide to make another recipe. By reading them all, you'll gain a good understanding of how to prepare the dish for the best results. You may also add some unique ingredients from an alternate recipe to the one you decide to use. There are many variations on kimchi fried rice, and some people like it with extra ingredients while others prefer to stick to the basic recipe. Your family may also have favorite items.

Kimchi has a potent and enjoyable flavor that brings a lot to fried rice. It's why there is no universal agreement on extra ingredients. There is no right or wrong, and you can stir in nearly anything, so don't feel restrained if you're a creative and innovative cook. But do pay attention to suggestions about preparing the dish because they're more crucial than usual. Re-adding liquid after measuring it is how you keep the texture and consistency correct. If you just dump in the kimchi jar with whatever amount of liquid it has, you may flood the pan, and the rice will turn out gummy or mushy, which isn't good.

Another chef's recommendation is to drizzle a bit of sesame oil on the rice before frying it. It has the dual purpose of adding a nice nutty flavor and lubricating the rice kernels to help them separate as they are fried. No one likes clumpy fried rice. As you add the kimchi liquid continue tossing the rice through it while you continue cooking long enough for it to evaporate. You're going for the rich dark brown color of fried rice that's extra delicious because it has absorbed all of the flavor ingredients. If you like added ingredients and want to mix in some protein, bacon or sausage can be tasty in your kimchi fried rice.