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II. Cig packing appliance process comparability

(a) move wire go and scorching seal genuine and phony contrast

Cig pull insert head: move wire go size can be moderate, design is pure and entire, transparent cardstock flexibility can be good, border cut lighting is crystal clear, basically zero burr.

Bogus cigarette move wire go: this Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale bogus cigarette move wire go shape can be large, your edge reduces rough, hard edge can Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Online be more.

True cigarettes scorching sealing: see-thorugh paper scorching sealing stream-lined, smooth, pure contraction, transparent cardstock at the two Cigarettes Wholesale ends in the contraction can be more evident.

Counterfeit cig hot plugging: this bogus cigarette see-thorugh paper scorching sealing can be loose along with messy, unpredictable bubble additional, transparent cardstock cutting oblique lowering.

(two) the lower of your steel close true along with false compare

Real smokes: the bottom in the numbers along with letters involving steel, skinny strokes, font along with font strength relating to the large along with small, sloping arrangement, a similar font energy size is unique.

Counterfeit cig: this bogus cigarette styles the page and variety steel, the complete strength is essentially the very same, the font swings are larger.